Emotional Overwhelm & Reactivity

​Self Esteem
Executive functioning skills

Our Brains Can Learn

Neurofeedback is a brain-training technique that works for all ages. The goal is to teach the brain how to perform at its best to relieve distressing symptoms and improve daily functioning. Neurofeedback is a completely non-invasive treatment that capitalizes on the brain’s potential for self-healing.

Our Brains Need Feedback to Grow

Neurofeedback uses visual, auditory, and tactile feedback in the form of an interactive movie or game that responds to brain activity in specifically targeted areas of neural activity.  This feedback reflects how the brain is functioning, enabling the brain to recognize and naturally correct suboptimal processing.

Our Brains are Capable of Change

Neurofeedback is an exercise for the brain: the more we work at it, the better we feel, and the stronger we are.

How it Works

Electrodes are placed on the scalp in specialized locations to monitor targeted areas of brain functioning that are relevant to the patient’s distress. Aggregate neuronal activity is processed by computer software and visually displayed, allowing the brain to literally see its activity. This visual feedback discourages suboptimal functioning that leads to distress and encourages optimal functioning based on an individual’s brain.