Therapy Services

My areas of expertise include

Preteen and Teenagers

In my professional career, I’ve received specific training and experiences with ages 9-18. I develop strong, warm, and trusting relationships with this age group as I believe this is necessary for change. I also encourage family therapy to build better communication and closer relationships. I have specializations in working with this age group and sexual abuse either past or recent. Oftentimes, I use therapeutic interventions for emotion regulation,  healthy coping skills, and healthy relationships.

Family Therapy

I am a Licensed Family therapist and often use my training to give individuals a relationship perspective. We as human beings are relationship-oriented and are highly influenced (either negatively or positively) by the relationships in our lives. I also find that changes in families lead to changes in individuals. I use strategies and education related to communication to ensure families can develop morepositive interactions.

Couples Counseling

I work with couples on attachment, security, trust, and communication techniques in order for couples to feel closer and more open with one another. Relationships take work and effort and couples can benefit from taking the time to care for the relationship.


I work with adults who often have been struggling for a long time and have decided to take the time to care for themselves and heal. Specific topics often include trauma or abuse, depression, anxiety, future/career, and relationship issues. I also work with parents who have learned their child was abused and are now dealing with the emotions related.

Postpartum or Birth Trauma

Having a child is a significant change mentally and physically. It effects our relationships with others and our mental health can take a toll. Also, individuals may experience trauma around the birth in some way and there are effective ways to process this trauma in healthy and supported ways. I completed my postpartum mental health training certificate with Postpartum Support International.

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